Friday, April 16, 2010

Jamie Oliver--very, very green

I knew who JO was, of course, but never watched him on tv until something I read about his new show piqued my interest. I absolutely love him, now--I've watched three episodes of Food Revolution online, & finally am going to be home on a Friday night so I can watch two eps tonight.

Of course, it's tv, and edited and plotted for the utmost drama, with a lot of show & tell, but he does come across as a genuinely kind person--so if he's not, I don't care--the show with the various not popular & getting into trouble teens was so wonderful, he's on my good list forever.

He's in the unhealthiest city in the US, Huntington, WV--and he's attempting to educate people about food & change the way that they eat. A very noble cause, and apparently a very difficult one.

He doesn't place the root cause of what Americans eat & why into much context beyond the local--with the exception of the school lunch program being circumscribed by Federal standards that calls a totally processed meal--hamburger, fries acceptable, and Jamie's baked chicken, and rice with veggies in it not acceptable.

But we can't ask him to do everything at once, can we? Let's just watch him, & perhaps get inspired to be more active in our communities on food issues.

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