Friday, October 30, 2009

Ultimately...created from air...

Sorry to have such a tiny image, but this is the only one I could get to work. If you squint real hard you see an inoffensive acrylic knitted head warmer being sold in The Sundance Catalog for $28.00--not an unreasonable pricefor a fancy catalog, actually.

So what raised my hackles here?

If you scroll down to "Our Product Story"---

Our Product Story

Acrylic is the generic name for man-made fibers derived from polyacrylonitrile - a liquid ultimately created from air and natural gas. Its chief properties are a soft, woolly hand, wash-and-wear performance, good stability under repeated launderings and good wrinkle resistance.

I love that air and natural gas can combine to make a lovely fiber, don't you? Sounds like fairies-- rather than people in Asian factories-- make acrylic.

(reported by Bonnyred)

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