Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Omnivore's Dilemma--Eat It or Polish Your Shoes With It

The newly launched ‘edible shoe cream’ made from 100% coconut not only cleans and polishes shoes when they need it, it’s also a delicious ‘all-in-one’ beauty product that can be used as a lip balm, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, massage oil and even as an alternative cooking oil. You can even spread it on your toast! Ideal for anyone who won’t put anything on their skin or clothes that isn’t safe to eat.


Well, it's green, it's organic, it's multi-purpose, yet somehow it's absurd. The price is pretty excessive--if you want organic coconut oil to use for any purpose, I'd recommend ordering from here.
You can get 7 pounds of organic coconut oil for the same 15 bucks--of course the shipping is gonna be higher...


I do actually use coconut oil as a shoe polish--it's excellent--and it's part of my soap recipe, and in my lip and hand balms, too. I have not yet put some on my toast, however.....

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