Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar's Not the Bad Guy.....

Personally, I always have cotton candy with some fruit.

I just love the Pure Fun company--they've truly got their act together. Information--it's all there at the website & you can listen to The Nutcracker while you read.

If you perhaps feel a little guilty eating cotton candy they'll enlighten you .....

Sugar's Not The Bad Guy

We're born with a natural taste for sweetness, and a little wholesome sugar is good for the soul. Beware of refined sugars since all the nutrients have been removed. Natural, organic, pure, chemical-free, and wholesome sugar taken in moderation is not bad for you!

Pure Fun has a big pile of information at the website--scientific studies galore-- and throws around a lot of terms to impress--"Fair Trade", "Organic", "Cane Sugar"and that USDA organic certification, of course. And there's a comparison of Pure Fun with regular cotton candy--

Do you know what you're eating?

Cotton Candy Ingredients


Ingredients: Organic Evaporated Cane juice (retaining all of natures nutrients and minerals), natural flavors, natural colors, air spun

Maple Natural Caramel
Root Beer Natural Caramel
Licorice No color added
Spicy Cinnamon Natural Black Carrots
Bubble Gum Natural Red Cabbage


You’ll be shocked at what regular candy floss is made with! Here are a few examples of non-organic Candy Floss recipes:

Refined white sugar (with all the nutrients that nature provides in sugar removed); synthetic flavors created in a laboratory to simulate a 'tastes like' the real thing, and artificially produced Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) controlled colors (some of which have been banned in cosmetics!)

Ingredients: Refined White Sugar, Artificial Flavors and Artificial Colors (see FD&C colors below, do your own investigations and draw your own conclusions)

Blue Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Pink Red Dye #40 (E129)
Grape Red Dye #3 (E127) + Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Orange Red Dye #40 (E129) + Yellow Dye #6 (E110)
Banana Yellow Dye #5 (E102)+
Watermelon Blue #1 (E133) + Red #3 (E127) + Yellow #6 (E110)
Cherry Red Dye #8 (E127)
Green Apple Yellow Dye #5 (E102) + Blue Dye#1 (E133)
Lime Blue #1 (E133) Yellow #5 (E102) + Green #3

I haven't seen any natural bubblegum flavor yet.

I actually love cotton candy, although I probably don't eat it more than once a year--I guess now that I've learned the truth I should be scared about the terrible ingredients in regular cotton candy--sugar & flavor & color additives. I'm definitely going for the Pure Fun--it has....sugar & color & flavor additives.

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